The digital front door, can patients help manage demand through better engagement?


Blog for Optimity – Mindy Daeschner, Chief Commercial Strategy & Marketing Officer, Doctorlink

General Practice is our number one route into healthcare, but the system as it stands is struggling to keep up with demand. Since the inception of the NHS in 1948, there has been little change to the model of how patients access general practice, and yet, consumer behaviour has changed dramatically. We are now living in the age of consumer convenience with digital services like in retail and banking; surely patients should be treated like consumers too?

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Are Financial Services Companies Marketing through the Proper Channels? 


Are Financial Services Companies Marketing through the Proper Channels? 

By: Joseph W. Rahaim, Senior Advisor - Financial Services

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We know integrated care works. Now we have to prove it!


By Mariana Dates

Optimity Advisors was at ICIC19 last week to talk about evaluation of integrated care. We’ve presented the integrated care performance assessment framework and tool we have developed for the European Commission and showed how its use can help to prove that integrated care works.

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Are we using digital technologies to support our integrated care initiatives?


By Micol Tedeschi

The deployment of digital technologies in all areas of healthcare is a new strategic imperative to make the best use of all patient data available to systems and improve both the access and quality of care for populations. The European Union, and many countries across the world have therefore recently committed to Digital First approaches in healthcare.

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Migration Madness - Managing the Chaos


By Jesse Celso

Regardless of your industry, the need to migrate content, data and/or users from one system to another is just a part of business operations. This can add all kinds of challenges for your team while trying to maintain business as usual, so it is critical to have a strategy for managing the chaos.

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