Private Exchanges: A Good Time to Try the Waters?


By Robert F. Moss

As we sit just a few months out from the launching of the first public health insurance exchanges (if all goes well, of course), the interest among employers and insurers in private exchanges has continued unabated. Plenty of vendors have stepped up to offer software and services to help insurers and brokers set up their own private exchanges, but as of yet it is a very immature, fragmented market.

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The Interdependence of Strategy and Execution in a Rapidly Changing World


By Rod Collins

While the digital revolution and its incredible pace of change are dramatically altering the work we do and the ways we work, the two fundamental accountabilities for business leaders remain constant: strategy and execution. What is changing is how companies approach and carry out these two timeless tasks.

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Innovation Is Intentional Evolution


By Rod Collins

There’s a familiar proverb in business circles: “What got you here today won’t get you there tomorrow.” When change happens, the best leaders understand the importance of recognizing dramatic market shifts and being able to implement innovative strategies to respond to new opportunities. With the sudden emergence of the accelerating rate of change spawned by the digital revolution, business leaders are becoming keenly aware that the survival of their companies may very well hinge on their ability to get innovation right.

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