An Agile Specialist Commissioner to Deliver the 5YFV


By Niamh Chhugani

One of the biggest challenges in any sector is turning strategy into action and impact, knowing where to focus effort and in what order. Specialist commissioning in England is trying to reposition itself in the context of exponential development and innovation in precision medicine, health technology and novel therapies for rare diseases, the main focus of specialised commissioning as well as a system shift to population health risk management.

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An Epoch Change: The New Rules for How the World Works


by Rod Collins

We live in a new world with a radically different set of rules. This is not hyperbole. It’s a reality, albeit a reality that very few of the leadership elite want to recognize. That’s because this new reality is unpalatable to those who hang onto the traditional reigns of power, even as they find themselves increasingly powerless to hold back the acceleration of a technological Cambrian-style event that is rapidly rendering old ways obsolete.

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Digital Retail Banking Imperative


by Brad Arnold

Many hours of research has been published presenting evidence that ‘omni-channel’ and ‘digital’ initiatives should be at the forefront of retail banking transformation programs.

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Getting On The Right Bus


by Rod Collins

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Possible Advantages of Developing a Risk-based Approach to Border Management


by Dr. Marco Stefan, Aurélie Heetman, Quentin Liger, Mirja Gutheil and Jacque Mallender

What are the solutions developed by the U.S. to curb irregular migration? How can new technologies and data analytics improve strategic decisions in the field of border control? How can the U.S. experience of implementing strategic shifts in border management inform the decision-making process in the European context? How can it be tailored to address the challenges currently posed by the migrant crisis in the EU?

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