Smart Hospitals – Part 2: Managing the Inherent Cyber Security Risk


by Dimitrios Gontzes

Becoming a Smart Hospital is not a utopic state. In my previous blog, I described what a Smart Hospital is and how tangible its defining assets are. In fact, hospitals are inevitably moving in this direction – they adopt new technologies and systems to enable them to respond to the increasing customer demands, achieve greater efficiencies and better react to regulatory standards and disruptive risks.

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Smart Hospitals – Part 1: Designing the future


by Dimitrios Gontzes

The term “smart hospital” might sound like another buzzword that businesses use, but the idea behind it is solid and, given the digital technology advances, very tangible. The introduction of Internet of Things, the development of sophisticated software and the need for more personalised care are pushing “traditional” hospitals to transform in terms of interoperability and legacy systems.

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Rethinking Values in the Workplace


By Rod Collins


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An Agile Specialist Commissioner to Deliver the 5YFV


By Niamh Chhugani

One of the biggest challenges in any sector is turning strategy into action and impact, knowing where to focus effort and in what order. Specialist commissioning in England is trying to reposition itself in the context of exponential development and innovation in precision medicine, health technology and novel therapies for rare diseases, the main focus of specialised commissioning as well as a system shift to population health risk management.

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