At Optimity Advisors, we know culture matters. We are a diverse team of talented individuals who live and work with clients across the globe, but we take deliberate steps to make sure we stay close to each other and grow together.

That includes our Virtual Culture Team, whose mission is to seek ways to continually reinforce and instill our culture and to challenge our way of working together and thinking. From newsletters and team events to a thorough embrace of social media, we seek the most innovative means of keeping the culture strong and vibrant as we continue our rapid growth.

Our Core Values

We strive to be like no other company — collaborative, innovative and fun. Our founders came from a variety of legacy consulting firms to build a new company without rigid hierarchies or stuffy management. As we continue to grow, our core values keep us true to who we are and stop us from becoming like the organizational cultures that our founders left. By putting these values at the center of our behavior and decisions, we inform, transform and outperform in everything we accomplish together.

  • Collaborative Partner
  • Dedicated to Excellence
  • Committed to Integrity
  • Creative Innovation
  • Passionate in Work & Life
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset


We understand the power of being different in an ever-changing marketplace.  With each new client, event and meeting the question that is always raised is “how do we differentiate ourselves”? The answer is simple - our people. Diversity begins with the individuals we adopt into the Optimity family; each bringing into the mix different backgrounds & perspectives related to race, culture, religion and sexual orientation – all of which make them unique. 

Diversity is not viewed as just Black and White. We recognize that it encompasses more than a need to establish widely accepted policies, best practices or procedures—it is who we are, how we conduct our business, and ultimately the foundation for us to ”make tomorrow better than today”. Our priority is to cultivate a safe environment where our diverse team members are empowered to address the challenges that face our communities, develop solutions, and thrive at home and at work. 

Community Service

We follow the motto of the Corporation for National Service: “Getting Things Done.” We want to be part of a sustaining, connected and interdependent set of communities. To this end, we actively engage in a variety of local and regional efforts to serve our community. 

Ronald McDonald House

We recently partnered with Ronald McDonald House for a weekend of service across all our core regional markets (DC, NY, LA and London), hosting a street sale as a key fundraising initiative and providing elaborate meals for the families temporarily staying at Ronald McDonald House facilities while their loved ones are hospitalized with critical medical issues. Optimity volunteers participated in meal planning from recipe inception and ingredient planning to preparation, cleaning and creative food storage, forming cohesive teams based on culinary aptitude.

Families Fighting Flu

We continue to participate annually in the effort to provide care packages to several local hospitals being served by Families Fighting Flu (FFF). FFF is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) volunteer-based advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the lives of children. FFF’s members include families whose children have suffered serious medical complications or died from influenza, as well as healthcare practitioners and advocates committed to flu prevention. Along with FFF, we work to increase awareness about the seriousness of the disease and to reduce the number of childhood hospitalizations and deaths caused by the flu each year by increasing vaccination rates.  For more information on Families Fighting Flu, watch this short video or visit

Red Nose Day

On an annual basis, our London team participates in Red Nose Day to raise money for the charity Comic Relief, which works to transform the lives of millions of people, both in the UK and across Africa.  The two main events are:

Dress up day:  The whole London office, grouped into respective line management teams, dresses up in themed costumes to be judged by their US colleagues for originality and style. 

Beard styling: One lucky employee with a multitude of facial hair offers up his face as a canvas for the day for bearding design.  This includes dying, and cutting into a pre-determined shape (the prospective design is voted on by employees across the globe).  Additionally, if a fundraising threshold is met, the employee may also agree to have his head shaved at the end of the celebration.

Team Building and Camaraderie

Recognizing that Optimity is a highly collaborative work environment where one of our core values is “Having Fun”, we strive to host a variety of corporate events to encourage our employees to get to know their colleagues in a forum outside of client delivery.  We like to spend time away from our offices periodically team building and developing camaraderie within the company. We challenge ourselves to unique and fun events that allow us to recharge our batteries and interact with others that we might not get to work with during the course of the regular business day.

Iron Chef Optimity Challenge

During one annual meeting, we established the Iron Chef Optimity Challenge where teams were created and tasked with putting together unique and flavorful dishes using limited ingredients and very limited assistance. Each team had to carefully leverage expertise and cooking skills (or lack thereof) from others within their group to come up with a winning dish. Not an easy task. We can’t wait for this year’s event!

Optimity Steps Challenge

In the spirit of global camaraderie (and competition), Optimity initiated its first company-wide Steps Challenge in 2015; a 6-week endeavor to promote health and wellness initiatives on both sides of the Atlantic.  Over half the company opted-in and formed integrated teams across offices in a cumulative effort to walk across the earth.  It’s entertaining to witness a room full of executives marching around the conference room table to “get more steps in.”