Andrew Beale

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Andrew Beale


Andrew advises clients in a range of industries, including healthcare, media & entertainment, and justice, and supports these organisations as they formulate and execute new strategies to engage customers, shape markets, organise messy data and surface new performance opportunities through advanced data management.

Designs and implements operational strategies to accelerate new ways of delivering and continually improving services to exceed expected performance:

  • Designed and implemented innovative operational models to deliver improved patient and offender outcomes, as well as reduce cost for large service integrators in order to deliver outcomes – based reimbursement contracts. This involved creating new ways to segment populations and allocate resources, as well as designing and delivering new opportunities for process, people, and technology to work together to continually improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Assessed competencies of a large clinical network seeking to transition to an ACO operating model. As part of the assessment, conducted a review of people, process, technology and finance. Presented organisational, financial, and operational process opportunities for the stakeholder organisations required to evolve into a quality and cost-based revenue and delivery model


Designs and implements governance structures, new technologies and data flows to better leverage data assets to continually improve performance:

  • Provided strategic consulting support to design an executive reporting, analysis and technology road-map for a significant global media company
  • Designed and implemented new business intelligence functions including executive reporting and analysis for government departments and large service integrators to continually improve how resources are allocated and focus management effort on areas for greatest impact
  • Created novel business processes, analyses and predictive analytics to better allocate resources in areas of health, education and justice
  • Designed executive reporting systems to assess past, current and probable future performance from gain-share and other contracts using data from multiple sources to predict likely outcomes
  • Designed new data visualisations and infographics to increase impact of reporting systems to different audiences


Designed and implemented evaluation and analysis assignments across a range of industries and interventions to drive improvements in outcomes and cost:

  • Designed and implemented new ways to predict return on investment from Higher Education, public health interventions and clinical services for use in decision support applications for consumers, policy makers, funders and regulators
  • Designed and developed novel web-based information platforms for policy makers and other stakeholders to assess the performance of the post-secondary education system (demand, supply, efficiency, satisfaction, outcomes etc.)
  • Undertaken numerous evaluations in many policy areas to assess impact and identify how impact could be maximised
  • Worked internationally to compare and share good practice in policies and policy making at all levels in areas of health, justice and education, as well as in areas of cross border interest
  • Developed and implemented market entry strategies including undertaking market assessments for new products in areas of technology, clinical services, and clinical innovations including diagnostics, mental health services and pharmacology
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