Danny Faryniarz


Initiated and collaborated on an enterprise wide stake holder outreach and messaging effort to coordinate strategy and messaging around global regulatory rule-making changes

  • Engagement across all impacted stake holder business units including front, middle, and back offices as well as government affairs and communication teams.
  • Illustrated value of coordinated industry-wide collaboration and cooperation to better understand industry wide and stake holder specific impacts.
  • Illustrated value of common infrastructure solution for various financial market operational processes impacted by regulatory and compliance changes.

Business Development projects and focus

  • Outreach with global dealership community to illustrate and promote single-pot margining solution for increased margin efficiency and savings across cash and derivative portfolios.
  • Outreach and design discussions to promote common infrastructure solution for collateral and margin settlement efficiency.
  • Outreach and design effort to find solution for collateral transformation challenges faced by liability driven investors and long only pension and investment managers.
  • Led buy-side outreach due diligence effort to promote common infrastructure solution to common processes.
  • Part of team to solidify and promote common infrastructure solution to meet global regulatory reporting mandates.

Client Development and Relationship Management experience

  • Developed U.S. and European based global interest rates client business over 20+ year career.
  • Spent 3½ years in London to establish a U.S. client base for a U.K. based dealer.
  • Introduced and assimilated global interest rate products into U.S. centric and U.S. domestic product focused sales force after acquisition of U.S. dealership.
  • Initiated and developed an extensive network of front office contacts across multiple business units encompassing investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, financial market vendors, and various financial market trade associations to promote a user-owned, user-governed market infrastructure solution provider.