Niamh Lennox-Chhugani

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Niamh Lennox-Chhugani


Provided innovative collaborative programme management support to a health and care economy moving to integrated service delivery

This involved managing multiple stakeholders at all levels of the system to design and deliver innovative approaches to change that harnessed the collective capability of the system and delivered a flexible and adaptive model of service delivery using on evidence-based decision-making.

Delivered a system-wide readiness assessment for a model of care across public health, social care, acute, community and primary care to inform a deliverable implementation plan

Project included conducting a system wide qualitative and quantitative assessment including population level analysis, organisational readiness, capacity and capability review and risk assessment. This informed a realistic and deliverable implementation plan that was co-designed with the whole system from leadership level all the way through to the frontline.  

Developed and led a new transformation model of practice for a public organization providing advisory and transactional support to the health sector

  • Supported the organization leadership in its development of a governance model
  • Conducted a readiness assessment of capacity, capability and operating model function
  • Worked with the leadership to identify strategic goals
  • Designed, planned and delivered an organization-wide transformation programme using embedded operational teams to deliver sustainable transformation.
  • Developed and delivered new customer-focused transformation offers.

Co-designed a new operating model and organisational design for an public sector arm’s length body in response to legislative change in the UK

Work included assessing current operating model to identify both best practices and gaps. Defined the vision and end state goals of the organization based on findings from internal and external stakeholders. Co-designed the new operating model and identified the capabilities and resources required, provided workforce and associated cost modeling to establish projected budgets over 3 years.

Delivered a large-scale transformation programme for a private sector provider of publicly funded services as they scaled up operations

Reviewed people, process, technology resources, designed an organization development roadmap, delivery plan, identified constraints, risks, mitigating strategies and inter-dependencies and managed stakeholder engagement and communications to accelerate change. The organiztion effectively trebled its size, increasing its geographic footprint, setting up 3 additional regional offices, all within 4 months and with minimal disruption to business as usual.

Assessed the readiness of regional health systems for scaling up integrated health programmes in developing countries

Using evidence based tools, assessed the readiness of whole health economies to transform the delivery of services from vertical care models to integrated whole systems in resource constrained contexts. Provided summary recommendations to local policy makers and donors on the optimal strategies for accelerating readiness for change. 

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