Wolfgang Höhn


Wolfgang has worked in several areas of the re/insurance market space, covering distribution, underwriting, product development and as a member of enterprise leadership team. He was mainly focused was to build-up, grow, change and develop units and organizations operationally and strategically. He used data analytics and controlling instruments to ensure that project plans are executed and efficiency as well as economic goals are achieved.

During his career, he was involved in the merger of a domestic with a multinational insurer and its business transformation. He also headed a profit and efficiency improvement initiative in SME and Consumer insurance. Furthermore, he was driving a process optimization project of an insurer with main focus on optimizing the interfaces of the service value chain.

His focus areas are:

  • Analytical driven selection of key customer and other distribution channels in terms of potential, profitability, share of wallet and way of working. Along with this, launch of Customer Quality Index.
  • Analysis of working process as well as development and implementation of inter-divisional solutions
  • Development of a business plan for an insurer to turn from a fully manual processing in quoting, binding and policy administration to a black boxed processing.
  • Development and launch of Expatriate Medex product for long-term assignments
  • Development and execution of a profit improvement plan for multiple product lines. Turn from an underwriting loss to an underwriting profit.
  • Implementation of segregation of duties of product lines, policy administration and claims handling.
  • Member of Executive Board of HVS investment funds.
  • Part of leadership team to establish the new business unit “Affinity” at German branch of large insurance broker.
  • Created and implemented system-based consulting model for an in-house broker