We bring industry leaders and client stakeholders together to collaborate and create innovative solutions and deliver results for rapidly changing markets.

Optimity Advisors is a leading advisory firm that focuses on strategy, operations and IT. Using our industry experience and integrated solutions, we help clients in complex industries navigate rapid market and technological changes. We work with clients to enhance stakeholder value, improve operational efficiencies, and address performance and risk-related challenges.


With deep industry expertise to identify and manage barriers to success, optimize current operations, and identify new opportunities.


Your organization’s processes and technologies through collaborative, innovative, and practical approaches.


Your competitors and your industry through strategic and operational excellence.

Why Optimity Advisors? We’re different.

As an experienced resource for strategic thought leadership, Optimity Advisors:

  • Makes your tomorrow better than today. Everything we do is based on this fundamental purpose.
  • Looks beyond theory. The concepts we propose are both practical and actionable.
  • Develops fact-based solutions. We use industry informatics to drive operational improvement and efficiency.
  • Delivers value-driven results. Using a thorough understanding of our clients’ business, we help them manage overall risk and accelerate the achievement of goals.
  • Innovates and connects. As executive-level consultants, we have deep, front-line experience and competencies that connect to real industry challenges, issues, and people.
  • Cultivates energy and expertise. We maintain a collaborative relationship with clients, which promotes high levels of creativity and productivity, and fosters professional and personal growth for all team members.
  • Assumes engagement risk and delivers results. We align our success with yours.

How We Work

We lead with subject-matter experts who are change agents - bringing a transparent approach throughout the entire engagement. Our team works within our clients, imbedding ourselves within each functional group, sharing knowledge and incorporating tools and best practices to accelerate execution and delivery. One of Optimity’s unique and valuable attributes is the ability to enhance the number of subject-matter experts at any time throughout the engagement to drive towards the solution. We take a broad look at each engagement and can apply expertise at any point should the needs arise. At Optimity, we focus on being problem solvers offering long-lasting solutions vs. short-term patches.

Quick Facts

  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Number of Advisors: 300+
  • Office Locations: Washington DC, Brussels, Germany, London, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Zurich
  • Named Top 20 Most Promising Healthcare Consulting Providers in 2014 by CIO Magazine

Our Story

Guete Tag

Zurich, Switzerland is the gateway to European finance and insurance markets and as a result Optimity broadened its footprint by establishing a Zurich location to support several global finance and insurance clients. In addition, Square One Solutions - a digital agency that provides user experience, creative design and software development services - joined the Optimity family and expanded Optimity's mobility and customer-centric capabilities.

London's Calling

With continued growth comes opportunity. As a major part of Optimity's plan to become a global organization and to help serve both current and future multi-national organizations Optimity acquired the London, UK practice of Matrix Knowledge. Optimity’s advisory services expanded throughout the US, UK and EU.

We Love LA

In order to serve those clients in the Western US optimally, Optimity opened the Los Angeles, CA office at 1100 Glendon Avenue. Now with a national presence Optimity embarked on its own transformation cultivating resources and the culture of the west.

Hello, Big Apple

Optimity continued to add new talent, bringing top credentialed subject matter experts within the industries we serve. We opened our New York office at 183 Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan.

Continued Growth and Expansion

Optimity Advisors continued to grow, adding an impressive list of clients that includes Fortune 100 insurance firms, Fortune 100 global media companies, Fortune 25 healthcare and pharmacy firms and global investment firms.

Hello, Mr. President

Optimity Advisors opened its corporate offices at 1600 K Street, NW in Washington, DC. The market continued to respond well to the Optimity principles, allowing Optimity growth and expansion opportunities in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, and media and entertainment industries.

Welcome, Optimity Advisors: Innovation & Quality

Optimity’s founding Partners began organizing the team of leading advisors to launch a new company based on the value drivers of innovation and quality. Optimity Advisors LLC officially launched in October 2009.

Coming Together

Inspired by the Beatles song “Come Together”, the founding Optimity Partners worked together at leading international consultancy firms on multiple, major engagements. Thus began the foundation for Optimity Advisors, a 20-year relationship and legacy.