Predicting a Film Company’s Future Needs

Online resource allocation and planning solution helps filmmakers spend more time producing and less time planning.

An award-winning post-production company specializing in CGI animation employs producers, animators and many other skilled workers at several locations around the world. At any given time, team members at various locations are working in different capacities on the same film. Every day, producers need to orchestrate people, skills and equipment to meet deadline and budget goals. The company had been tracking resources on Excel spreadsheets — a time-consuming task that often resulted in information being outdated by the time the data was gathered, manipulated and reported. 


How We Helped: 

Making better use of the information already gathered

The company knew tracking resources on Excel spreadsheets was an inefficient method. Company leaders approached Optimity and asked how we could help make the best use of their talent and associated equipment through an online system.

We began by asking the question, “If you could check your computer every morning for the information that would make you more effective in your job, what would you need to know?” We worked with all employee groups to identify key information needs, including risks and opportunities involving resource allocation. Then, though information gathered in collective intelligence labs, we worked with the company to create and prioritize key strategic objectives.

Optimity recognized that most of the necessary information was already being collected – it just wasn’t being managed well. Our goal was to make better use of the data the company was gathering, build a superior reporting function and, ultimately, create a model that would predict future performance.

The dashboard built by Optimity pulls data from several sources — including producer spreadsheets, APIs from other software and graphics — into a database, applies business rules, then delivers easy-to-read reports. 


For the company’s creative workforce: less stress, more fun

With “one version of the truth,” producers in all of the company’s locations can see which projects are running over time and budget, which groups are more productive, and which teams will be over-capacity, allowing them to move resources around to improve efficiency. The tool also saves administrative time by eliminating manual data collection. 

Now that the company is working from a single, reliable source of real-time information for resource planning discussions, it’s able to identify risks far sooner. This helps reduce stress among the company’s talent by stabilizing the workflow and avoiding high-pressure/short timeframe deadlines. 

Most importantly, instead of spending money on tedious back-end tasks, the company can put more dollars into production, making its creative product even more spectacular.

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