Doing DAM Right

Are You Already Doing DAM?

If you work with creative assets then yes, you are doing Digital Asset Management.

The question is whether you are doing it well.

Is finding, sharing, storing, protecting and publishing content a simple experience? Are those activities truly integrated into your overall business strategy? Mastering DAM fundamentals like metadata, workflow and governance is key, but much more must be considered to awaken DAM’s power to transform business.

Ten Quick Tips:

Make the Business Case

A compelling business case is critical for launching a program and keeping it strong over time. Maintaining buy-in 10 years in is as important as it is on day one. Know how to demonstrate DAM’s value to your business strategy.

Think Beyond The Here & Now

It is critical to approach DAM in the context of wider questions. What is your industry wrestling with? Cyber security, proliferating audience channels, the Internet of Things? DAM must anticipate emerging trends and opportunities.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

In considering DAM technology, understand the operational needs. The landscape includes large and small-scale solutions for specific requirements. Get to know the market and choose solutions on the best fit for your business needs.

Don’t Collect – Curate

A successful DAM program encourages curation, not just blind collection. What is valuable creative content versus the extra stuff made in the process? The more assets you manage, the more resources needed for their maintenance.

DAM is a Human Endeavor

While DAM speeds processing and reduces manual activity, it requires ongoing decisions making that only human insight can provide. DAM is not about the total elimination of human effort, but the best use of human intelligence.

Evangelize to Socialize

Involve teams across the business early and often to spread the world about how DAM impacts the bottom line. Dismantling silos and unifying effort is what DAM is about. Teams that participate from the start are more likely to stay engaged.

DAM in the Information Ecosystem

DAM is just one practice in the Information Management ecosystem. Managing knowledge, rights, data, records, etc. brings different insights and best practice frameworks for managing IP. DAM is strengthened when working as part of the whole information infrastructure.

Digital Assets = Brand Equity

Each asset manifests IP and impacts brand equity. A strong DAM program with robust protocols will protect and surface brand content. DAM strengthens brand equity while mitigating risk.

Your Brand’s Building Block for Customer Experience

Creating a captivating customer experience with compelling content is the new rule of the road for showcasing your brand’s unique identity. A well ordered DAM strategy is the foundation for creating and delivering impactful content and excellence in customer experience.

Achieving Maturity In Stages

DAM has wide-reaching impact on outputs for an organization. It is tempting to try to meet all needs at one but pursuing DAM mindfully along a phased roadmap will achieve systemic impact and true DAM maturity.

John Horodyski


John Horodyski is an Executive with Optimity Advisors with executive management strategy experience in Information Management including Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Strategy, Metadata and Taxonomy design, Content Management, Governance, and Rights Management.  John is a world-leading expert and has provided strategic direction and consulting for a variety of Fortune 100 and 500 clients from Consumer Packaging Goods, to Media & Entertainment, the Pharmaceutical industry, and Insurance. John is also an Adjunct Faculty at San Jose State University where he teaches a graduate course in Digital Asset Management. In addition to regular training & public speaking on digital media and metadata, John is a Board Member / Metadata Editor of the Journal of Digital Media Management and is a monthly DAM contributor to CMS Wire. John published the book titled, “Inform, Transform, Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth.” 

John is also a member of our Speakers Bureau.