Adam Blumenthal Joins Optimity Advisors as Chief Digital Officer

Blumenthal brings 25 years of experience as a digital innovator with the world’s best-known brands.

WASHINGTON D.C. (November 28, 2017) – Optimity Advisors, a global consulting firm, announced today that Adam Blumenthal has joined the firm as Chief Digital Officer. Blumenthal brings a quarter-century’s experience designing innovative digital programs with the world's best-known brands, with a special expertise in virtual reality (VR). 

“With his diverse digital experiences, and his recent, breakthrough VR work at Brown University, we know that Adam will bring a dimension of innovation our clients will immediately value,” said Rick McNabb, CEO of Optimity Advisors. “We are so pleased to welcome Adam to our team.” 

In addition to his professional role at Optimity, Blumenthal also has academic appointments at Brown University where he serves as Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence and Professor of the Practice of Computer Science. Blumenthal believes VR’s ability to deliver very compelling experiential content brings considerable potential to areas like consumer engagement and stakeholder collaboration in every business sector. 

At Brown, Blumenthal has led students in the design and development of an educational VR experience, reconstructing a key historical event that preceded the American Revolution: the 1772 “Gaspee Affair.” Blumenthal and his students recreated the event in 3D VR and 360-degree video using a high-definition camera rig Google provided in support of his work. The innovative educational experience offers students an immersive experience of history, and as Blumenthal says, “the opportunity to step back in time.” Blumenthal has also consulted with Brown medical school faculty and students in the Brown Medical Simulation Center, helping create 360-degree videos of simulated surgeries that help surgical training teams more effectively evaluate students’ performances and capture improvement opportunities. 

“Optimity Advisors’ commitment to smart, creative digital innovation for its clients, and the company’s global presence are some of the things that excited me about joining Optimity,” said Blumenthal. “The opportunity to make a significant contribution to our clients and their stakeholders and customers is fulfilling both professionally and personally.” 

Blumenthal has spent his career leading world-class teams in creating large-scale complex digital experiences that help his clients engage more deeply with their audiences, create new revenue opportunities, and leverage creative-technology for competitive advantage. Prior to joining Optimity Advisors, Blumenthal spent several years leading digital strategy and production at preeminent communications agencies including R/GA, Burson-Marsteller, and McKinney where work produced under his leadership won numerous awards for creative excellence and business effectiveness. 

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