New Book to Launch at Henry Stewart DAM New York Conference

WASHINGTON, DC (May 5, 2016) – Understanding how companies must evolve to successfully compete in today’s digital world just got a lot easier, thanks to a new book: Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth. Authored by Optimity Advisors’ Information Management Partner John Horodyski and his team of experts, the book provides actionable steps to lead a company through this needed transformation.​ The book will be unveiled tonight (May 5, 2016) in conjunction with the 2016 Henry Stewart DAM NY conference, where Horodyski and his team will be presenting on topics within the book. It will be available for purchase to the public on all major online retailors, including and, starting May 20, 2016.


“This digital foundation is the starting point and today is an inflection point for all. Embrace the revolution  -- learn, build, innovate and prosper or wither in this new economy and world. Time is short. The choice is yours,” said Rick McNabb, Chief Executive Officer of Optimity Advisors.

Nearly every facet of modern work is influenced by digital systems, so it is more important than ever to fortify a company’s digital foundation. But what exactly is this transformation, what does it impact upon, and, as importantly, how is it done? Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth provides compelling, collective insight into building a tactical foundation to achieve a holistic digital strategy.


Readers will learn to:

  • Develop strong metadata and taxonomy for robust search capabilities and organize data as a foundation for transitioning business
  • Optimize digital content workflows in the new collaborative network
  • Create the business case for change and changing the way that people interact with the new digital infrastructure to deliver real business benefits on an ongoing basis

To learn more about the book, the authors or request a media interview, visit

About the Book:

  • Title: Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth
  • Author: John Horodyski, Optimity Advisors
  • Expert Contributors: Chad Beer, Holly Boerner, Meredith Brown, Mindy Carner, Jesse Celso, Jeremy Collins, Rod Collins, Gareth Harper, Dan Havas, Vernoica Hsieh, Robert Moss, Gretchen Nadasky, Reid Rousseau, Madi Solomon, Nick Thorpe and Rory Tierney
  • ISBN: 978-1599327556
  • Publication Date: The book will be available for purchase at all major online retailers, including and, starting May 20, 2016.

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