New Solutions for Managing at the Pace of Rapid Change

New York, NY (November 19, 2013) – Optimity Advisors announced today the release of the new book, Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World by Optimity’s Director of Innovation, Rod Collins.

Conventional management thought assumes that command-and-control is the most effective way to organize the efforts of large numbers of people, but rapid change and increasing complexity have rendered that model obsolete. As a result, most managers today lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a world where advantage belongs to the fast and the adaptable. However, there is a small but growing group of managers who are thriving in this time of great change by designing their organizations as networks rather than hierarchies and using the principles and practices of a new and very different model—Wiki Management. Rod Collins’ new book, Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World is a practical guide for mastering the unprecedented challenges of our fastchanging world.

Featuring enlightening examples from forward-thinking companies including Google, Whole Foods, Linux, and Wikipedia, Wiki Management outlines the revolutionary but necessary steps companies must take to:

  • Leverage their collective intelligence
  • Effectively integrate diverse points of view
  • Transition leaders from the role of “boss” to that of facilitator
  • Make delighting customers more important than pleasing superiors
  • Achieve a shared and actionable understanding of the key drivers of business success

The power of networks is dramatically reshaping both the work we do—and the way we work. This groundbreaking book reveals what is takes to succeed in this fast-paced and exciting business environment.

"Rod Collins' new book, Wiki Management, is one of the simplest and clearest explanations of the principles and practices of the emerging new management paradigm for the 21st Century." - Stephen Denning, author of The Leader's Guide To Radical Management

Wiki Management is available for $25.00 in most bookstores or can be ordered at and In addition, Rod Collins will be the featured speaker on November 20 at 12:00 pm EST for the AMA webcast, Wiki Management: New Solutions for Managing at the Pace of Rapid Change. To register please go to:

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