Inform, Transform & Outperform

Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies To Optimize Your Business For Growth

Value is not found—it is made. So make the data meaningful and manage it well. Start with a foundation, embrace the transformation, and discover the value in content.

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Building a foundation to achieve a holistic digital strategy

Nearly every facet of modern work is influenced by digital systems, so it is more important than ever to fortify a company’s digital foundation. But what exactly is this transformation, what does it impact upon, and, as importantly, how is it done?

Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth provides compelling, collective insight into building a tactical foundation to achieve a holistic digital strategy.

Learn to:

  • Develop strong metadata and taxonomy for robust search capabilities and organize data as a foundation for transitioning business
  • Optimize digital content workflows in the new collaborative network
  • Create the business case for change and changing the way that people interact with the new digital infrastructure to deliver real business benefits on an ongoing basis

Authored by John Horodyski and his team of experts, the book provides actionable steps to lead a company through this needed transformation.

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