SKUs me while we fix this bottleneck.

By Amy Languell

For the past 20 years, consumer brand companies have invested in a tremendous ability for their manufacturing and supply chain operations to support agile development and to produce variety.

But in so doing, they’ve accidentally created a bottleneck — their own marketing departments, whose overworked and stressed-out managers are barely able to keep up with the flood of new SKUs.

Fortunately, some senior management teams are waking up and smelling the burn-out.  

These enlightened firms are optimizing tools and automation with the goal of increasing marketing’s ability to meet demand without linearly increasing marketing’s cost. 

  • They’re looking at the digital supply chain of their business in the way they look at their physical supply chain
  • They’re applying lean manufacturing concepts to marketing workflow
  • They’re considering the Theory of Constraints when presiding over business decisions
  • And they’re seeing marketing as a key asset in the sustainability of the business

In a digital world, where brand and product content is equally important — or at times more important to the consumer experience than the product itself — Brand Managers, Product Managers, Packaging Creators and Marketers must voice your need for processes that can make your daily professional life more productive and satisfying. 

You get it. We get it, too. And we can help your company cost-effectively manage the onslaught of marketing-related digital content.


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Amy Languell

Amy Languell is a Manager who brings a wealth of first-hand consumer goods experience to all client engagements.  She has over a decade of experience in creative workflow and process optimization, digital asset management (DAM), and metadata and taxonomy design. She has additionally overseen product innovation and commercialization including designing process improvements across the areas of marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics.  Her varied experience across the lifecycle of a product allows for an in-depth understanding and successful application of information and business strategies.

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