How Do You Manage Distributed Workers?


The last few weeks have brought drastic unprecedented changes to the ways we live and work together. With the rapid emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, people who are used to working in offices are suddenly forced to work remotely.

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Are you Cracking the Right “WIP”?


Inflexible Administrative Controls and Pre-Established User Roles May Add Unforeseen Complications to your Team’s Workflow when Sharing Work-in-Progress Media Assets.



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DAM Dashboard Confessionals: Overcoming a challenge to corporate dashboard metadata reporting


Dashboards are integral to any company as it provides data that can be leveraged into business decisions from the insight garnered from it.  Part of my role on the DAM team was helping to reconcile the raw data as it came from the application with a set of controlled vocabulary designations for the dashboards.  A major challenge in this work is attempting to standardize under the protocol of a singular corpora

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To silo or not to silo: How to tell if you need a Corporate Taxonomy


Many data managers and those who rely on their digital work struggle with defining the taxonomy of the data under their control. Taxonomy is the science of classifying information into groups or classes that share similar characteristics and is required for meaningful information management and is critical to effective findability.

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True Purpose of a Business


One of the hottest trends in the food industry is the increasing popularity of plant-based products that replicate the taste of their meat counterparts. If you attend a baseball game at Minute Maid Park in Houston, change planes at the LAX Airport, or stop by your local Burger King, you now have the option to order a plant-based burger that you would swear in a blindfold test is an all-beef patty.

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