Migration Madness - Managing the Chaos


By Jesse Celso

Regardless of your industry, the need to migrate content, data and/or users from one system to another is just a part of business operations. This can add all kinds of challenges for your team while trying to maintain business as usual, so it is critical to have a strategy for managing the chaos.

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Metadata Matters for Digital Asset Management (DAM)


Metadata Matters … because when it comes to content, it’s everything you have.  

Metadata is the spirit of an intellectual or creative asset … it is the Descriptive, Administrative, and Structural (Technical) depiction of an asset.

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What are the Stackies and why you should enter.


It’s that time of year again, when the glamorous and talented walk down the red carpet in the latest fashions and the world watches to see which of their favorites will take home the coveted Stackie Award.

Well, maybe not exactly.

The Stackies, now in their second year, are awarded by Third Door Media, the same group who puts on MarTech Con. It encourages companies to capture their MarTech stack, display it in a creative way, and share it with the community. Winners get a trophy and $100 is awarded to the non-profit Girls Who Code for each entry.

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Why Every Company is a Software Company


By Rod Collins

In February 2001, seventeen software developers gathered in Snowbird, Utah to handle a conundrum that was increasingly thwarting their work. Despite following the proven protocols for building quality software applications, many of their efforts were missing the mark. These protocols were based on the assembly line model that had been the gold standard for building things for well over a century. The assembly line is a fixed plan system that assumes that everything we need to know about how to build something can be known before beginning work. With this certainty, detailed architectural blueprints can be drawn up at the beginning of a project to guide the work of the various functional contributors as the work moves through a fixed sequence of predetermined activities. This architecture was the universal guide for how everything was built—whether cars, buildings, or software—throughout the twentieth century.

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Functionality You’ve Come To Expect with Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software


Digital Asset Management vendors continue to innovate as more creative and marketing teams recognize DAM to be the cornerstone of their Martech ecosystem. 2019 looks like it will continue to be an exciting expansion period for this foundational technology.

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