You Have To Slow Down To Move Fast


By Rod Collins

One of the biggest challenges confronting business leaders today is learning how to manage at the speed of accelerating change. In times of great change, business advantage belongs to those who can move fast. But, as many of leaders are discovering, moving fast is not as easy as one might think. That’s because those who have mastered this new challenge have learned the paradoxical rule of speed: You have to slow down to move fast.

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Healthcare Reform: Five Key Strategic Areas for Carriers


In a few short months, activities related to the establishment of the new healthcare exchanges will shift into high gear. In July, the administration will begin educating the uninsured on how they can select a carrier and enroll in this new health benefits program. Beginning in October, open enrollment will begin and set in motion the single largest entry of new enrollees into the health insurance market. The historic program goes live in January 2014 as tens of millions of people join the ranks of the insured.

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