Ten Tips for a Successful DAM Migration


By Julia Thompson

Congratulations – you’ve made it through hard work of selecting a shiny, powerful new DAM system, and all hands are on deck working on its configuration and roll out. However, you also know there is one additional challenge lurking behind the scenes, one that is critical to successful implementation and user adoption – content migration. How will you get all the valuable assets and metadata from your existing tools into the new one? Never fear – these tips from our DAM experts will help the process to go smoothly:  

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Where Next for Understanding Integrated Care in Europe?


In this third of our series of blogs leading up to the International Conference on Integrated Care in Utrecht from 23-25 May 2018, we look forward to the future for care integration across the EU, Norway and Iceland.

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Health System Characteristics Shape the Models of Implementation of Integrated Care Across Europe


We have recently discussed context-sensitivity in the advancement of integrated care across the European Union, Norway and Iceland. In this blog, we explain some of the health system characteristics that have shaped different models of integrated care.

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Understanding the European Integrated Care Landscape


The IC landscape in Europe is highly diverse, and different health systems are clearly at different stages of their integrated care implementation journeys. Context-sensitivity is fundamental when trying to understand the advancement of integrated care across the continent, from a design and implementation perspective.

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Digital Transformation – Part X: The Dawn of the Second Human Epoch


By Rod Collins

This is the final blog in this ten-part series on Digital Transformation. Throughout this series, we have learned that Digital Transformation is much more than a technology revolution. It is arguably the most consequential socioeconomic revolution in human history. 

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