Metadata Matters

Metadata matters … because when it comes to content, it’s everything you have. Metadata is the spirit of an intellectual or creative asset … it is the Descriptive, Administrative, and Structural (Technical) depiction of an asset.

Metadata is a strategic imperative in the endeavor to effectively manage a company’s knowledge. The successful implementation of any content-related strategy requires the implementation of a holistic metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process. Metadata increases the return on investment of a content system by unlocking the potential to ingest, discover, share and distribute assets.


AUTHOR: John Horodyski

John Horodyski

John Horodyski is a Partner with Optimity Advisors with executive management strategy experience in Information Management and Consumer Brands including Digital Asset Management (DAM), Metadata and Taxonomy design, MarTech, Content Strategy, Governance and Rights Management. John is a world leading expert and has provided strategic direction and consulting for a variety of Fortune 50, 100 and 500 clients from Consumer Packaging Goods, to Media & Entertainment, and the Pharmaceutical industry. John is also an Adjunct Faculty at San Jose State University where he teaches a graduate course in Digital Asset Management. In addition to regular training and public speaking on digital media and metadata, John is a Board Member and Metadata Editor of the Journal of Digital Media Management, and is a monthly DAM contributor to CMS Wire. John recently published in May 2016 the book, “Inform, Transform, Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth.”

With Contributions From: Huw Jenkins

Hwu Jenkins

Huw Jenkins is Veeva’s Director of Strategy in Digital Asset Management. Huw has 20 years’ experience consulting on marketing technology solutions. Over the past five years with Veeva and Zinc, Huw has been focused on Digital Asset Management in Life Sciences. Prior to his time at Veeva, Huw worked with digital production agencies that specialised in content production and localisation. He has extensive experience working across verticals to help global and local marketing teams deliver more effective content.

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