Consumer Packaged Goods

Engage and convert customers with extraordinary experiences powered by data

We help clients imagine, create and implement digital customer engagement strategies and operational efficiencies to deliver product and retail brand protection, innovation and market growth. Let us help you:

  • Find new ways to improve digital interaction with your consumers
  • Increase the speed of creating and syndicating product information and marketing content
  • Protect your brand by ensuring in-market product information is accurate and compliant
  • Deliver brand-consistent experiences across marketing, sales and customer service channels
  • Visualize a better digital customer experience (CX) with virtual reality
  • Align business ecosystems with your digital business strategy and brand promise



Digital Customer Data & Analytics

Integrate customer data across marketing, sales and customer service channels to understand the digital customer experience (CX). Find innovative ways to improve engagement, streamline costs and increase sales.

Product Lifecycle Management

Leverage the collective intelligence of your product teams and their customers to improve lifecycle management processes and the customer experience. Find ‘unknown unknowns’. Fail fast and develop meaningful solutions to maximize product investment returns.

Digital Customer Journey Mapping

Understand how customers interact with your brand digitally and improve CX by working across your organization to visually map customer journeys. Provide the process fundamentals for omnichannel development. Identify interaction duplication and uncover cross-marketing opportunities.

Omnichannel Design and Program Management

Discover, design and deploy projects that turn the customer journey from CX strategy into digital reality across web, mobile, social and customer service channels. Increase your organization’s ability to quickly respond to market opportunities.

Content Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Operations

Streamline, speed and lower the cost of executing marketing campaigns and syndicating product information to eCommerce engines.  Find and reuse your organization’s digital content. Ensure in-market content is accurate and compliant.  Improve agency partner spend effectiveness.

Digital Agency, User Centered Design, and Information Architecture

Engage customers with digital services optimized to ensure usability and adoption.  Enforce digital content reuse to reduce agency spend.

Vendor Management

Align vendor relationships to business outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs). Rationalize and improve the effectiveness of vendors. Identify new relationship needs.

Demand Fulfillment & Supply Chain Management

Turn CX and omnichannel analytics output into visualized customer demand modeling and predictive action.  Quickly adapt inventory, distribution, and logistics operations to shifting customer demand, driven by ever increasing consumer awareness.

Performance Management

Visualize where your digital assets and content ‘widgets’ are in development and production. Measure throughput and quality. Provide transparency to the organization. Increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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