Government/Public Policy

Navigating global public policy issues and impacts

International entities, national governments and associated agencies need the best data and evidence to develop impactful public policy and regulations that deliver sustainable economic value.

Optimity’s Public Policy experts work with clients to:

  • Identify policy challenges and their root cause
  • Design transformational policy options and appraise their costs and benefits
  • Deliver successful implementation strategies 
  • Monitor and evaluate achievements, so as to secure on-going continuous improvement

With world-renowned expert advisors, economists, researchers and experienced practitioners, we work across all aspects of public policy including healthcare, social welfare, migration and home affairs, crime and corrections, and industry regulation. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Realising the service quality and economic benefits of population-based health risk management
  • Assessing the benefits and value of connected care, integrated care, new models of care, self-care and health systems reform
  • Exploring the potential use of value-based pricing in pharmaceuticals and medical technologies
  • Identifying and evaluating pricing and reimbursement systems for public services including outcomes-based contracting, social impact bonds and social investment
  • Researching industry issues and challenges which are impacted by government action or inaction
  • Assessing the economic and social impact of regulation 


Health and Social Care

Proven track record focusing on all areas ranging from population based risk management, health and welfare system reform, and optimal health and care pathway design

Migration & Home Affairs

Significant research, impact assessment and evaluation projects on migration policy, returns and migrant smuggling

Justice & Crime

Appraisals of crime and correction policies to assess what works, in what context and at what cost

Learn about Mega-Reg Assessment and Tool

European Public Policy Analysis

Supporting the EU policy cycle in a wide-range of topics such as privacy and cyber-security, equality in the workplace, access to medicines, and money laundering

Research & Analysis

Primary and secondary research expertise utilising quantitative and qualitative techniques to help inform policy and strategy and evaluate impact

Economic Analysis

Deep expertise in economic appraisal techniques, including resource optimisation ex ante and ex post-economic appraisal and economic impact assessment

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