Focusing on today's performance while keeping an eye on the ever-changing horizon

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving - shifting the traditional fee-for-service models to value-based care, while simultaneously expanding localized care, in a globalized marketplace.

A systematic approach to navigate healthcare changes is required to achieve sustainable success.  Optimity’s healthcare experts focus on working with payers and providers to deliver high-quality care, maximize value, and contain costs.

As an advisory firm, Optimity collaboratively engages with our clients, enabling them to navigate change, mitigate risk and be positioned to succeed in an industry that is re-inventing itself at its very core. Real world, practical experience allows our advisors to:

  • Influence and translate policy into implementable, innovative business and technology opportunities
  • Innovate and operationalize new health pathways including social, financial, medical, behavioral and pharmacy
  • Accelerate game-changing product and service launches
  • Assist clients to better serve customers, nurturing all stakeholders
  • Design distributed data networks and connectivity across diverse health subsectors
  • Deploy health intellectual property and best practices globally
  • Guide your organization through the complexities of all aspects of healthcare – including clinical policy, behavioral health, pharmacy, care and utilization management, government programs, provider services and operational administration



Strategy Transformation

Achieve sustainable growth through innovative long-term transformation strategies for market, product and innovation.

Value-Based Care

Facilitate the integration of care across the continuum of services, including preventive, outpatient, inpatient acute hospital care, post-acute, and palliative care to improve health outcomes.

Quality Revenue Enhancements

Excel in today’s performance-driven health ecosystem with a balance between outreach, costs and bonus payments.

Consumer Engagement

Redefine the consumer experience by creating a member and provider-centric culture that values the consumer's voice, serves as an advocate, and measures what matters.

Core Operations

Evolve traditional transaction-based payer systems to meet the needs of the new member-centric, value-based ecosystem.

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