2 Takeaways from Henry Stewart DAM Chicago 2019

“Come on babe
Why don't we paint the town?
And all that …DAM”


HS DAM Chicago 2019 was last week, and what a great event it was. Although the smallest of the Henry Stewart conferences it is one of my favorites, I feel the size makes it easier to have meaningful conversations and meet some incredible new people. As always, the Henry Stewart team did a great job of keeping things organized and moving along. I always appreciate Chair, David Lipsey, aka “The DAM Magician”, entertaining and thoughtful insights throughout the event.  Also, I’ve noticed a real stepping up on the vendors to provide quality gatherings after and during the event. I think a special thank you to Tenevos is warranted for increasing the quality of this and other HS event after parties.


What were my 2 top takeaways?


  1. Buy-in: Strangely the talk about AI did not dominate this conference. Although It did come up, especially in the closing panel with John Horodyski (my favorite session), when Videofashions owner, Anne Adami, told her companies amazing AI journey to tag thousands of video assets from over 14 years of footage.  What seemed to be the hot-topic this year was buy-in: how to get users to adopt the DAM, use it properly, and embrace proper tagging and governance practices. Along the same lines, executive support and buy-in importance was brought up again and again.


  1. HS DAM Chicago was busy … there are a lot of DAMs. It is great to see the vendor room so full and exciting. However, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors in the space. And this is all I do every day -- imagine how the buyers must feel!  Some of the new entries have really great products. It is refreshing to see this healthy competition with the established vendors. Perhaps some will be acquired like WebDAM, Stylelabs ADAM … well established, solid products on their own. It is definitely a challenging landscape to be new entry in this fairly mature, overcrowded field. It will be interesting to see what the next few years will bring.


DAM is important, so take the time to figure out what you need … this is not the time rush.


Overall just a great convention and I can’t wait for Henry Stewart San Diego in November!


Join Steve Bevilacqua and John Horodyski at DAM San Diego – click here to register.


Steve Bevilacqua

Steve Bevilacqua is a Senior Manager with Optimity Advisors with over 20 years of experience in marketing technologies. He has expertise in selection, implementation, adoption, and recovery of complex creative and marketing technologies such as PM, DAM, CMS, email, social, targeting, and analytics as well as the enterprise suites that combine a variety of these technologies. 

Steve has worked across a variety of industries including life sciences, pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, retail and non-profit with such iconic brands as The Gap, eBay, Boy Scouts of America, Biogen, Medtronic, and Bayer.

In addition, Steve is Prince 2, PMP, Six Sigma, and Scrum Master certified. He is Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager certified and will receive Workfront certification this year. 

Steve enjoys his role as a guide through the complexities of Martech and sharing his knowledge with others through blogging, speaking engagements and being a part of his partners' successes.



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