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Integrated care is aimed at improving patient experience, delivering improved population health and care outcomes whilst containing cost. Optimity Advisors has been working in the area of integrated care since 2010 in the UK, US and Europe, advising policy makers on the impact of policies aimed at promoting integrated care, supporting payers,commissioners and providers to understand where they are on their integrated care system journey, design new models of digitally enabled and evidence-based models of integrated care and support implementation at local and national level.

Integrated Care Solutions©: Evidence-based domains for successful Integrated Care by Niamh Lennox-Chhugani

These videos explore evidence-based domains that underpin successful integrated care systems and present a framework/toolkit called the Accountable Integrated Care Health Check. This framework enables health and care systems to understand where they are on their integration journey.

The Health Check comprises 10 domains which are used to gather and analyse evidence using a range of methods, including document review, analysis of unstructured data, surveys, 1:1 semi-structured interviews, focus groups and observation. The Health Check is intended to inform on ongoing integration development programmes.

Watch and learn about the patterns that have emerged across a number of systems, and what they tell us about the state of integrated care in the brief videos by Dr. Lennox-Chhugani below:

Using Diagnostic Tools Along the Way to Integrated Care (2:05)
A Tipping Point for Integrated Care (2:17)
The Conditions That Enable Integrated Care (1:37)

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Optimity Advisors have invited some of our senior advisors in the field of integrated care to share their honest reflections on the journey they observe in their day to day work. We will be publishing these thought and discussion provoking blogs on a frequent basis over 2019 and invite readers to comment and interact with us via our twitter and linked in sites. 

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Journal Publications

A Framework for Assessing Enablers and Risks in Health and Care System Integration

Optimity Advisors have developed an evidence-based readiness assessment tool to inform the implementation of an integrated health and care system and enable rapid system-wide sense-making in the context of high degrees of complexity. It is designed to be applied from commencement through to post-implementation stages to enable progress to be tracked. The tool is based on a review of the international evidence defining the success criteria for delivering integrated health and care. This paper sets out this evidence review and our approach to validating the framework and toolkit.

Download the full article here

Readiness Assessment Tool: Strengthening Implementation of Integrated Care

Optimity Advisors has developed an evidence-based Readiness Assessment tool to inform the implementation of an integrated health and care system and enable rapid system-wide sense-making in the context of high degrees of complexity. This tool was presented at ICIC 2016 and empirical data on application as a baseline assessment was provided. Delivering a sustainable integrated care system (ICS) is complex and challenging. The Readiness Assessment tool can support the initial phase of creating an ICS and assess the readiness of all provider partners to become an ICS.

Download the full article here

A User-Centred Design Approach to Integrated Information Systems – A Perspective

Integrated care requires joined up information for effective planning, delivery and management. Different countries are experimenting with a range policy approaches to designing integrated information systems with varying levels of success. Information systems to support integrated care that start with the needs of the user of information (individual, health and care professional, service manager, payer, policy maker), are most likely to succeed in being adopted. We suggest that using the MINDSPACE behavioural framework alongside technology tools to engage users in a process of co-design for integrated information systems will help deliver on the promise of better population health and better value healthcare sooner rather than later by producing information systems that support real time coordinated person- and community-centred decision-making.

Download the full article here

Clinical risk and integrated care: Lessons from Accountable Care Organisations in the United States

Integrated care can deliver a range of quality benefits for patients, but there has been little explicit reference to clinical risk and patient safety benefits in the UK. A review of literature presented here sets out some of the patient safety benefits of provider integration that have been identified in the literature. This article sets out some lessons which can be drawn from the US experience in developing the Accountable Care Organisation model. The success of this model has been measured using metrics which include care coordination and patient safety metrics. These were based on clinical and services research conducted largely in the US. The experience of putting this into practice at one successful Accountable Care Organisation is presented, highlighting the benefits of population as well as individual level risk management. We set out the conceptual framework that can be used to ensure that the critical enablers of integration and patient safety are addressed. In conclusion, we highlight some immediate lessons that the UK could learn from.

Download the full article here

Niamh Lennox-Chhugani


Niamh has 25 years of experience at senior levels in health provision, commissioning, policy making and research internationally and is the firm’s lead advisor for NHS and local government transformation. Niamh specializes in strategic delivery of innovative models of care across organisational boundaries and real-world implementation of public sector policies using rapid evaluation and learning cycle methods to inform implementation and provide real time feedback to decision-makers, frontline staff and service users.


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