Organizational Transformation

The ability to adapt has never been more critical

How adaptable is your organization? As markets evolve, converge and innovate, businesses must focus on the ability to quickly meet market demands. You need clear insight and vision into your people, processes and technology to understand how your organization must change to respond to shifting market conditions.

From strategy through delivery and implementation, Optimity will help you transform your organization with new operating models, utilities and shared services in your front, middle and back offices. Working together with you, we’ll align your people to your strategic objectives, evolve your operations to meet deadlines while minimizing disruption, and measure and monitor your progress.



IT Transformation

Develop your IT and resourcing strategies; design and build your IT operating model; rationalize and modernize your application landscape, and automate DevOps and testing

Business Transformation

Build business strategy and business case, manage program design, build and implementation; and assist with training and communications

Shared Services

Develop strategy, assessment, business case and roadmap for shared services; design, implement and measure shared service operating model; and optimize shared services including outsourcing assessment and vendor transfer

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  • Los Angeles
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  • New York