True Purpose of a Business


One of the hottest trends in the food industry is the increasing popularity of plant-based products that replicate the taste of their meat counterparts. If you attend a baseball game at Minute Maid Park in Houston, change planes at the LAX Airport, or stop by your local Burger King, you now have the option to order a plant-based burger that you would swear in a blindfold test is an all-beef patty.

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DAM Dashboard Confessionals: Overcoming a Challenge to Corporate Dashboard Metadata Reporting


Dashboards are integral to every company as they provide data and insight that can be leveraged for crucial business decisions...

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Faster Path to Intelligence


In his recent book, Life After Google, George Gilder challenges the notion that artificial intelligence (AI) will ever be able to compete with human intelligence...

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Human Thinking


Last season’s NFL playoffs are memorable for one of the worst non-calls in the league’s 100 year history when three officials missed a blatant pass interference foul and arguably sent the wrong team to the Super Bowl...

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Top 3 Ways a Contract Management System Improves Efficency


Whether your eye is focused on the bottom line, employee satisfaction, or the overall company health, there is no denying that efficiency matters. With process automation being the norm in this day and age, why not look to one area that remains a constant in any relationship-based organization: contracts.


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