Geoff Horsey

CTO and Chief Software Architect
(310) 314.6267 US
Geoff Horsey


Extensive experience in technology across diverse industries

After working with various organizations in industries ranging from Financial Services, Entertainment, Retail (eCommerce), Startups and Real Estate to Healthcare for nearly 10 years, he joined Square One Solutions in 2007 as their Chief Software Architect. He has a keen eye for using the best technology for the given initiative both to optimize the efficiency of the way Optimity delivers solutions to clients, as well as in the architecture of those very clients’ software solutions.

As a strong proponent of Test Driven Development, Object Oriented Design, Lean, and Agile methodologies as well as a passion for keeping up to date on the most cutting edge technology, he ensures all of our clients receive the best solutions to not only keep them relevant in their individual marketplaces, but also competitive.

Leadership onshore and offshore

Over the past 9 years, Geoff has led both onshore and offshore teams with strong leadership and hands on contribution to all of our projects. He has smoothly transitioned our team to running on Agile methodologies and has helped many of our clients with their Agile initiatives acting as a key influencer providing recommendations based on industry best practices and standards.

His technical expertise and attention to detail when understanding our clients’ needs and initiatives truly embody all that Optimity stands for: We bring industry leaders and client stakeholders together to collaborate and create innovative solutions and deliver results for rapidly changing markets.

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