Rod Collins

Director of Innovation
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Rod Collins


Rod is the Director of Innovation with Optimity Advisors. He has more than 30 years of experience in management positions of increasing responsibility in the healthcare industry. Rod is an innovative executive leader with sustained success in achieving financial, operational, and market growth objectives in challenging environments. He has extensive experience in serving as a catalyst for positive change and in building highly collaborative organizations.

Rod is the former Chief Operating Executive of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP), one of nation’s largest and most successful business alliances, which today has over $28 billion in annual revenues. Under his leadership, the business experienced its greatest five-year growth period in its 50-plus year history, as year after year, FEP set new records for operational and financial performance.

Rod is also a leading expert on management innovation. He has an extensive background in cross-functional management and a proven record for building highly successful relationships with multiple stakeholders in complex business organizations. Rod is the author of Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for a Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World (AMACOM Books, 2014) and Leadership in a Wiki World: Leveraging Collective Knowledge to Make the Leap to Extraordinary Performance, which won the 2011 EVVY book award for Business/Finance.

Led the growth of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP).

  • Provided strategic and operational leadership for the business alliance of 39 independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans to provide health insurance to over 4.5 million federal employees and their family members nationwide.
  • Over the ten year period 1997 – 2007, first as the leader of operations and then as the program's chief executive, increased market share by 16 percentage points, improved operational performance by over 30 percent, and increased annual premium revenues by 86 percent. The new growth helped improve the enrollment mix, resulting in premium increases that were typically two to three percentage points below market.
  • Implemented a new product development strategy based on customer segmentation, the identification of differentiated value propositions, and the development of an innovative new product tailored to the value proposition common to two targeted segments, resulting in 400,000 new members in the targeted segments.

Led the successful development and installation of the new national claims processing system and related business processes

  • Directed the transformation of the program's claims and customer self-service systems and business processes on time and on budget while maintaining high levels of operational performance. This involved one of the highest volume and highest performance claims engines in the industry. It is used by over 50 operating sites around the country and interfaces with applications at each of the individual health plans. This was a highly strategic initiative, enabling the program to: provide greatly improved services for their customers and health plans, reduce administrative costs, and improve the company's ability to develop and implement new products.
  • The initiative was designed to provide business value throughout a series of implementation phases, ensuring quality delivery in each phase, and managing and minimizing the risks to the business throughout the various phases. The initiative included transforming from a nightly batch claims processing and terminal based customer service mode to a real-time, message-driven claims system, with web applications for claims submissions and inquires.

Directed the activities related to the financial and operational performance of the 39 Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans participating in FEP

  • Implemented a new strategic management measurement system that ended two decades of low growth and low performance contributing to significant increases in key performance measures, market share, and profitability.
  • Responsible for the allocation and distribution of over $600 million in administrative expenses among the participating Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans base on their performance against agreed-upon goals and operational performance results.
  • Established and recruited an Account Executive team to serve as single points-of-contact and to facilitate improved performance results among the participating Plans, achieving record performance levels for the then 40-year old business alliance.

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