European Public Policy

Optimity delivers high-quality studies for the European institutions. Over the last decade our team has contributed to the analysis, comprehension and implementation of EU Public Policy for organisations including: the European Commission, the European Parliament and related EU agencies.

Read our most recent case study: European economies want to improve the health of their populations while containing costs. 

Our work encompasses

Our multi-national team provides evaluation, impact assessments, research, analysis and advice on policies and programmes across the EU. We help our clients develop knowledge and insights from our research as well as improving policy implementation and regulation.

Our work for EU clients focuses on interventions in a wide range of policy areas, including:

  • Migration and home affairs
  • Fundamental rights and inequalities
  • Crime prevention and criminal justice
  • Civil justice
  • Macro-financial assistance
  • Health and food safety
  • Consumer protection
  • Research and innovation
  • Employment, social affairs, skills and labour mobility
  • Information and data protection
  • Cybersecurity issues
  • Information and communication
  • Education and learning
  • Financial services

We are a lead contractor and partner in several Framework Contracts with the European Commission:

  • Framework Contract for Impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation related services with DG Justice and Consumers

  • Framework Contract for the provision of evaluation and evaluation-related services to DG Economic and Financial Affairs

  • Framework Contract for the provision of services to the Commission in the field of evaluation of research and innovation programmes and policies with DG Research

  • Framework Contract for the provision of evaluations, evaluation-related studies and support for impact assessments with DG EAC

We are consortium lead on Multiple Framework Contracts with the European Parliament to provide the following services:

  • Impact Assessments in the fields of Employment and Social Affairs and Health and Food Safety
  • External Expert Services in the Fields of Impact Assessment and European Added Value in the field of Environment, Public Health, Food Safety, Employment and Social Affairs
  • External Expert Services in the Fields of Impact Assessment and European Added Value on methodological and horizontal issues
  • Provision of External Expertise to the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, in the field of Justice and Home Affairs for Asylum as well as Police and Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters and Data Protection
  • Impact Assessments and European Added Value in the areas of Employment and Social Affairs, Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Expertise to the EP's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety in the field of public health

Our people

Our EU Public Policy team has a range of educational and professional backgrounds, including political and social science, economics, law, health and public policy. The team also has industry and policy experience which enables us to actively engage in the studies we undertake.

The team is multi-cultural with experience of working in different countries. We provide comprehensive language coverage of the EU 24 official languages which enables us to review information and to work with a wide range of EU stakeholders. Using our network of partners, we also conduct cross-country comparative analysis in all the 28 EU Member States and beyond.

Our capabilities

We pride ourselves as being experts in the application of the European Commission's Better Regulation Guidelines for the work we do.

We use research methods and techniques in our studies such as literature reviews, stakeholder engagement, surveys, economic reviews and cost effectiveness analysis, impact assessments and evaluation.

When combined, these techniques help to show the value of the EU policy cycle from the recognition of a problem, to the implementation of an intervention, all the way through to the evaluation of a policy. Knowledge of the European decision and policy-making system allows us to provide valuable solutions and recommendations to European actors.

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