Reinventing Management for Growth in a Rapidly Changing World

by Rod Collins

It's a brave, new hyper-connected world… We now live in a "wiki" world where mass collaboration is not only possible—it's often the best solution. Conventional management thought assumes that command-and-control is the most effective way to organize the efforts of large numbers of people, but rapid change and increasing complexity have rendered that model obsolete. As a result, most managers today lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in an age when networks are proving smarter and faster than hierarchies. Designing organizations for mass collaboration demands a new and very different model—wiki management.

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Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Growth

By John Horodyski

Nearly every facet of modern work is influenced by digital systems, so it is more important than ever to fortify a company’s digital foundation. But what exactly is this transformation, what does it impact upon, and, as importantly, how is it done?

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